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About True North

TRUE NORTH is an innovative athleisure brand with a special focus on sustainability.
True North stands for functional clothing that is ideal for sports and outdoors. It is simple and fashionable that it can be worn as everyday basics - with a particularly clear conscience.
For True North, we use sustainable materials such as:
Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified Recycled Polyester:
Production of polyester fabric involves significant quantities of chemicals, raw materials and by-products that are toxic and can pollute water and air and cause health. Unlike polyester, recycled polyester uses post consumer PET compared to the raw materials. This is the same material that is used in clear plastic water bottles. Plastic bottles are recycled to produce the fabric so that they are prevented from going to landfill.
Tencel Lyocell
Tencel is a branded lyocell fiber that comes from the pulp of trees which is dissolved in a non-toxic organic solvent.  Lyocell is produced using a closed loop system which has minimal impact on the environment and maintains economical use of energy and water. Tencel only uses trees which are planted for fabric production. Unique physical properties of Tencel Lyocell fibers lead to their great strength, efficient moisture absorption and gentleness to skin.
GOTS certified Organic Cotton
Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a positive impact on the environment. Its production sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people by using natural processes rather than artificial inputs. Importantly organic cotton farming does not allow the use of toxic chemicals or GMOs (genetically modified organisms)

Recycled Elastane 
Recycled elastane is manufactured by assembling elastane waste from production processes and the usage of this waste. Recycled elastane is shredded, dried, dissoluted, filtered and spun again to prevent environmental pollution.

Our first collection includes sport basics for jogging, cycling and for yoga classes, well-fitting underwear and beautiful fleece tops. For us, sustainability not only refers to the resource-saving extraction of fibers, but also to the durability of our products.
In addition to the environmentally friendly factors for the extraction of the fibers, the True North products are subject to the same strict criteria that apply to our other brands, namely to be fair and socially traded and to reduce carbon emissions.
Last but not least, True North belongs to our ALBERO and LEELA COTTON family, who has been successful and enthusiastic in the sustainability and organic business for over 25 years. Our long-standing production partners in Turkey are equally convinced of their cause.

  • Leela Cotton Naturtextilien Handels GmbH
    Georg-Wulf-Str. 15
    28199 Bremen
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